Presenting all products and practical advantages through the report of real projects and demonstrative areas

At SAIE 2024, the building sector will be described by a dedicated exhibition area, thematic demonstration squares, organized initiatives in collaboration with the main technical associations, to support the visitor in evaluating the most innovative solutions available on the market.


  • exhibit products, as well as present special initiatives, which will give specialists the opportunity to see practical solutions with their own eyes;
  • participate to demonstrative areas, technological focus courses and activities, which make SAIE experience unique for our visitors.


Building materials and technologies

Industrialised facilities and systems

Finishings and internal partitions

Waterproofing, chemicals for construction

Insulation and finishing systems for outdoor environments

Outer shells, doors and windows

Flooring, cladding and bathroom fixtures

Land reinforcement

Drilling and tunnelling

Work site equipment and products

Special Initiatives

Innovative windows

Intelligent Construction Vehicles

Colori&Decori Show

Maintenance and management of real estate assets


Case History

Products and application advantages’ presentation told through some real projects examples directly by the interested suppliers, designers, buyers and installers.
A complex architectural project will be represented by an iconographic story with products and plastic model and will be explained at best with a broad speeches programme.