Sectors and focus themes

The construction market in 4 paths

The synergy between the innovative exhibition formulas and the special initiatives of the event provides a complete overview of innovation and trasformation of the construction market.

Design and Digitalisation

  • Design, control and management software
  • BIM, Building Information Modelling
  • Instruments for surveying and measurement, drones, geospacial technologies
  • Augmented reality, instruments, systems and applications
  • 3D printers, Digital manufacturing, digital platforms

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  • Building materials and technologies
  • Industrialised facilities and systems
  • Finishings and internal partitions
  • Waterproofing, chemicals for construction
  • Insulation and finishing systems for outdoor environments
  • Outer shells, doors and windows
  • Flooring, cladding and bathroom fixtures
  • Land reinforcement
  • Earth moving and lifting vehicles
  • Drilling and tunnelling
  • Work site equipment and products

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Plant Engineering

  • Electric systems for buildings
  • Remote building control
  • Ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems
  • Lighting systems
  • Solar, photovoltaic and energy production installations
  • Automation, access control systems, anti-burglary systems
  • Digital Buildings, Smart Homes and Digital Cities
  • Installations for sports and outdoor facilities
  • Smart infrastructures
  • Fire-fighting plants and systems

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Services and Media

  • Consultancy services (professional, technical, financial)
  • Design, engineering and architecture firms
  • Building maintenance and administration
  • Associations
  • Technical and media publications

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