Why become an exhibitor

There are new opportunities inside the construction market, let’s catch them together

The 2024 edition of SAIE is designed to meet the needs of businesses and be an accelerator of development for the market and for the community consist of 311,838 professional operators.

SAIE represents a positive and useful business and networking opportunity to consolidate and revitalise business relationships between professionals, to present products, methods and tools to make the industry safer, more efficient, collaborative, profitable and sustainable.

A unique event in Italy, where perspectives and scenarios for an effective and efficient construction system are presented.

A complete overview of the construction industry’s production thanks to 4 theme-based exhibitions, places of excellence and special initiatives dedicated to the most topical issues for the sector.

SAIE, through its initiatives, is all this: energy to support the excellent work of our companies; experience and historical reference in facilitating building professionals in direct and profitable mutual contact; a business opportunity for all those who are involved in the design, construction, management and maintenance of buildings.

Watch the video story of what SAIE will achieve in the 2023 edition  together  with the exhibitors, associations and partners who support the project and the many visiting professionals.

SAIE exhibitors will be able to:

1. Defining new business relationships

2. Verify interest in products and services

3. Developing sales and distribution channels

4. Consolidating the corporate image

5. Presenting concrete solutions and forward-looking ideas to address new market challenges

Thematic focus

  • Maintenance
  • Regeneration
  • Demolition and reconstruction
  • Work site set-up and Safety
  • Topographical surveying
  • Dry masonry construction
  • Smart & Digital Cities
  • Consolidation and reclamation
  • Urbanisation and environment
  • Smart Buildings & Social Housing
  • Building Bonuses

Ask for more information 4 reasons to take part in SAIE 2024

SAIE is:

An event which can count on a database of over 311,000 professionals active in the sector, profiled, built and updated during all 56 editions of SAIE.

An event which tackles all changes in regulations and market trends, giving visibility to products, services and technologies which contribute towards innovation in the sector.

Reference point for companies presenting products, methods and tools to make the sector safer, more efficient, collaborative, profitable and sustainable

Direct contact
An occasion to acquire hands-on knowledge of Italian know-how, an immersive experience for visitors and direct contact with innovative products and technologies

SAIE encourages meetings with foreign and international buyers, thanks to its intense matching programme.

Collaboration with major associations and professional registers has resulted in a rich calendar of events and training opportunities, further enriching contents available to visitors

Supply Chain
A single event promoting the entire construction chain: from design to production, maintenance and management. An all-round event for the proposal of residential, industrial and tertiary sector construction; for the design of private and public works; for infrastructure facilities and
everything regarding built environments.