Plant Engineering

Presenting all products and practical advantages through the report of real projects and demonstrative areas

Achieving objectives of construction efficiency, energy saving, safety and comfort is only possible through an integrated design of the systems with the construction processes.

SAIE 2024 believe that plant engineering is the element that gives life to the building and the products that make them possible are an essential part of it. We will give a new image to the plants sector, even if your company believes in renewed and real opportunities in this sector, let’s do it together!


  • exhibit products, as well as present special initiatives, which will give specialists the opportunity to see practical solutions with their own eyes;
  • participate to demonstrative areas, technological focus courses and activities, which make SAIE experience unique for our visitors.


Electric systems for buildings

Remote building control

Ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems

Lighting systems

Solar, photovoltaic and energy production installations

Automation, access control systems, anti-burglary systems

Digital Buildings, Smart Homes and Digital Cities

Installations for sports and outdoor facilities

Fire-fighting plants and systems

Case History

Products and application advantages’ presentation told through some real projects examples directly by the interested suppliers, designers, buyers and installers.
A complex architectural project will be represented by an iconographic story with products and plastic model and will be explained at best with a broad speeches programme.

Special Initiatives

System integration in the redevelopment and recovery of buildings

Plant Engineering and health

Plant Engineering, BIM and digital

Electrical safety on construction system

Demo area “how to install it, how to use it”