Special Initiatives

The places of excellence

There are products that simplify processes, reduce processing times or require an accurate explanation of the use process. SAIE special initiatives meet these needs and promote applicative products and solutions by telling the story of real-life projects, with the participation of suppliers, designers, clients and installers.

An iconographic account is developed, with models, cross-sections, products, as part of an architectonic project, supported by a programme of interventions providing an effective description of the presented project. The exhibition of products and numerous special initiatives means that technicians can gain first-hand experience of applicative solutions.

Demonstration courts, courses and technology spot-lights for a unique visitor experience.

SAIE InCalcestruzzo/Concrete

The national event dedicated to the innovation of the concrete supply chain, involving all actors who use concrete in construction.

SAIE Infrastrutture/Infrastructure

The excellence of Italian projects in the field of infrastructure and territory will be presented through a cycle of conferences and exhibitions with the collaboration of institutional realities and strategic business partners for the sector.


SAIE Serramenti/Doors and windows

The initiative exalts the best of the production of those who work in the sector dedicated to the world of doors, windows, fixtures and related technological solutions.


SAIE Alluminio/Aluminum

A new initiative created to enhance a material with extraordinary qualities of lightness and resistance, which favor its adaptability to multiple forms and uses.

The entire connected supply chain will be represented, from profiles to aluminum windows, from facades to roofs, from walls to partition panels, from prefabricated buildings, to accessories and machinery for processing this noble material.


SAIE Impianti/Plant Engineering

The plant engineering is the element that gives life to the “built” and is therefore an essential part of a single set integrated with the construction processes.
The integration of building-plant was created to meet the latest market needs in terms of air conditioning, hydro-sanitary, electrical engineering, building automation and lighting technology in order to implement the building/ plant integration.


Piazza Edifici e Salubrità

Piazza Edifici e Salubrità is the special initiative which, in synergy with the thematic study planned for the world of PLANTS, will provide visiting professionals with an analysis on regulatory obligations and an overview of the most effective solutions to protect health and improvement of the comfort of those who live and work inside closed spaces.


Piazza Impianti e Salubrità

The SAIE initiative dedicated to plant companies wishing to show products and solutions of excellence for the healthiness and comfort of buildings: systems capable of guaranteeing an optimal internal microclimate, good air and water quality; solutions for proper air exchange and the reduction of humidity and CO2; silent and efficient products.


SAIE Finiture Tecniche e Colori/Technical Finish and Colors

The new space of SAIE dedicated to the companies of colors, finishes and dry systems which, through a new interactive demonstration formula, best enhances the commercial activities, the concrete applications of the products and the use of equipment.


SAIE Macchine/Machines

It focuses on technological innovations within the construction site and encourages the relationship between man and machine, facilitating the daily work of professionals and making it more performing.
We will focus also on issues like electrification of vehicles and their sustainability.


Cassa Edile Awards

SAIE 2022 is the chosen setting for the second edition of the Cassa Edile Awards, an award that the building fund system recognizes annually to companies, workers and consultants as ambassadors of positive values ​​for the bilateral construction system.

The success and attention aroused by the first edition made this second event even more felt and attended. The aim of the award, also for this edition, is to contribute to the ethical consolidation of the sector by enhancing the stories of those who work fairly and in compliance with the rules.


Club Fornitori  +  SAIE InCostruzione

The special initiatives of SAIE which highlight the most significant construction sites and building projects (new buildings or prestigious renovations) to enhance them with the involvement of the companies that have actively participated in the chosen works, and with the presence of studies design.

If your company has played a leading role in important achievements: tell and enhance your experience during SAIE.


Partners and Patronages

SAIE has a network of partners and patronages of local, national and international relevance, confirming the interest that the exhibition arouses in Italy and abroad.

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SAIE will offer a rich calender of meetings and training moments on the most strategical issue about the building market.