Earthquake recovery and protection

Each thematic path will host some special initiatives and places of excellence, aimed to show works and best practices through the design and realization process, technologies products and used systems that make it an example of excellence

1. Demonstrative Area «Structural Reinforcement»

A) with a masonry mockup, in the middle of the area, on which the companies will realize examples of structural reinforcement interventions in a prototype form, highlighting the implementation phases of the interventions.

B) a demonstrative area where companies, according to a scheduled program, will illustrate the different stages of reinforcement, during some workshops of about 45 minutes each: from the support’s preparation to the implementation of reinforcement with resins (FRP) or cement mortars or of lime (FRCM).

The CIRI EC Laboratory will illustrate the techniques for the reinforcements verification and testing, according to the recent Guidelines on this subject.


2. Arena « Structural Reinforcement » by UniBO – prof. Savoia

workshops dedicated to the procedures for the qualification of materials, building site’s controls and all the innovations recently introduced for the structural reinforcement’s regulation.
The companies joing the project will have the chance to present their most innovative products through some thematic workshops.



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Some other key initiative

  • Area “Italian Seismic Engineering Square” allocated next to the exhibition area, with an exhibition path of excellent seismic recovery projects, showing projects, technologies and materials
  • Area ‘Front Office SismaBonus’ by ISI



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