Urban transformation, Infrastructure and territory

Some Places of excellence

Protection and seismic safety

Technologies and innovative professional skills showed through case histories focusing on many different aspects (seismic safety, sustainability, functionality and architectural quality) will present the “excellence” of the sector both for residential and industrial buildings, but also for infrastructure

The production chain will be told, both through images and videos, and also through mock-up of systems and technologies showing infrastructure projects’ decisive factors.


Maintenance and Infrastructure management 

A special Area that highlights the excellence of Italian know-how in terms of design, construction and management of planning, implementation and requalification of infrastructures in close cooperation with ANAS e SIG – Italian Tunning Association. SIG will organize within SAIE the National Conference dedicated to Tunnelling and Digitalization. The events program also provides: a day about Bridges and viaducts, two workshops about maintenance of existing works, materials and technologies for infrastructure security.

Other key initiatives of the path

  • Concrete Sustainability, developed by FEDERBETON, The Federation of Concrete Associations, that will present an Area of sustainable innovations in the cement supply chain.The relative program will be available soon
  • Prefabrication, different ways of industrialized construction, showed also through examples of 3D Printing technologies.
  • Slow mobility and smart city, a demonstrative area dedicated to road routes, and particularly to slow mobility and urban cycle paths, realized also with recycled and ecological material, highly digitized systems, accesses and urban lighting management and control system



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